Mar 18, 2024

5 Tips for New Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Agencies in Marbella 2024

Linus Norman, CEO & co-founder of heimo

Working as a real estate agent and running your own agency in Marbella is a dream for a lot of people, who seek the opportunity of combining sunshine all-year around, outdoor life and exotic environments while engaging in a challenging and enjoyable profession.

Many people turn their dreams of the real estate life on the Costa del Sol into reality, and in 2023 alone, approximately 1,100 new businesses were launched in the housing and real estate sector in Málaga (according to IECA, the Andalusian Institute of Statistics). With such fierce competition, it's crucial for new real estate agents and agencies in Marbella to stand out to attract new clients and projects.

In this article, we'll provide 5 excellent tips for new real estate agents and agencies in Marbella looking to kickstart their journey in 2024!

💜 Get More Clients Through Recommendations

Today, 90% of customers trust recommendations from people they know more than any other form of marketing (Nielsen Global Trust Survey). Considering the surge in fake reviews and anonymous ratings in recent years, this isn't surprising.

Relying solely on anonymous recommendations and reviews from "sellers" or "buyers" isn't very effective today, as it is often perceived as unreliable nowadays.

Not leveraging recommendations at all is even worse, and real estate agents who actively collect and showcase customer recommendations often acquire almost all their new clients through recommendations. Therefore, continuously working on customer recommendations is incredibly important for you as a real estate agent.

On heimo, real estate agents can easily gather and display personal recommendations (recommendations by real people, not anonymous reviews) from both previous and new clients - completely free of charge.

What's even better is that you're not limited to collecting recommendations from clients from closed deals only; you can gather recommendations from clients you're currently working with, but haven't yet closed a deal, but also from friends, family, and others. This is a smart way to start building up your reputation in the industry, and getting your personal connections to show you as a trusted real estate agent in the industry for all of their connections.

Additionally, new clients are automatically matched with you on heimo based on your recommendations.

📚 Learn Everything About Marbella's Real Estate Market

This might seem obvious and not something that needs to be highlighted as a tip, but surprisingly, many new real estate agents in Marbella struggle to navigate their surroundings effectively.

Learn as much as possible about all the different urbanizations, laws and regulations, residential areas, urban planning, and other aspects that enable you to provide confident and trustworthy answers to clients seeking expertise and assistance in their real estate transactions.

Check out this page from Marbella municipality for valuable information for real estate agents about Marbella, areas and urbanizations.

🦄 Dare to Stand Out with Your Real Estate Brand

It's easy to fall for the temptation of observing what all other real estate agents and agencies are doing in Marbella to try to replicate, or ride the wave of what works (or has worked) for others. While it's always good to draw inspiration, it's also easy to quickly become one among many agents or agencies where everyone more or less conveys the same message in their offerings.

Building a brand and establishing yourself in Marbella's real estate industry takes time, so it's crucial to imprint your own mark on what you want to offer and ensure the right customer base understands why they should choose you and your agency.

If everyone else is posting pictures and videos of properties in their social media feeds - dare to stand out and post something different, more personal. An interview with a previous client? Personal stories about how you became a real estate agent in Marbella? Tips and advice on what to consider if one dreams of a move to the coast? Focus more on the personal touch (which is incredibly difficult to replicate) and less on what everyone else is showcasing.

💸 Don't Waste Unnecessary Money on Expensive Leads

It's common for new real estate agents and agencies in Marbella to bid on and purchase expensive leads, to start building their client base. This often results in unnecessarily high costs for acquiring new clients, with varying quality and results.

A smarter approach is to work on leads directly through your own website, where you should create excellent SEO-optimized content, videos and articles for your specific target audience as early as possible.

To make lead generation even easier, create free real estate agent profiles and a company page on heimo - done in just a few minutes.

On heimo, you'll receive personal leads for free and can, as mentioned earlier, collect and showcase recommendations - an incredibly powerful way for real estate agents to attract more new clients and provide assurance to their future clients to make the right choice.

🌐 Establish a Strong Network in the Real Estate Industry in Marbella

Having a strong and diverse network in Marbella's real estate industry is incredibly important. A significant portion of the work involves collaboration with other real estate agents and agencies, as well as with professionals like lawyers.

Establish your network with other professionals and companies in the real estate industry and always stay one step ahead when your clients need help with ancillary services in real estate transactions.

Cleaning companies, interior design and homestyling, construction firms, architects, rental agencies - a broad network covering the entire housing market is often a significant competitive advantage over other agents.

Are you ready to take yourself as a real estate agent and your agency in Marbella to new heights in 2024?

Start by collecting and showcasing client recommendations, receiving personal leads, building and establishing your brand, and creating a strong network in the industry. You can do all of this completely free of charge on heimo - a community-based housing platform where you are visible to the right clients seeking a trusted real estate agent in Marbella with your expertise!

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you want to learn more.