Jun 28, 2023

A Vertical Social Network For Housing - How Does It Work?

Vertical Social Networks
Linus Norman, Co-founder & CEO at heimo

In the digital landscape of social networks, new trends constantly emerge, and one recent trend (although the concept has been around for some time) is the so-called vertical social networks. Unlike traditional social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and other similar “everything-for-everyone” networks, vertical social networks instead focus on specific niches or industries, “specific-things-for-specific-people”.

They offer a unique space where likeminded individuals can connect, share experiences, and engage in deeper discussions within specific niches, industries and communities. Some of the most successful examples of vertical social networks are Strava (a social network for running and cycling enthusiasts), Twitch (a community network for gamers) and Doximity (a social network for doctors).

heimo — your vertical social network for housing

On heimo, we’ve taken an innovative approach creating a combination between a traditional social network and a vertical social network. It’s a social network for a “specific-thing” but not for a specific group of people, but instead “for-everyone”. It’s a social network for housing.

And together with some other emerging global trends — global relocation, increased mobility of people between cities, countries and continents, and the ongoing housing crisis in almost every country, the timing of utilising a vertical social network like heimo could not be better.

How does heimo work?

As a vertical social network for housing, heimo enables you to handle all-things housing, and find trusted and recommended people and real estate professional all over the world — from one place.

An easy way to further explain how it works is to use LinkedIn, another vertical social network. On LinkedIn, you have your profile, your work experience and resumé, as well as your professional network — all to benefit your career and to be ready when new opportunities arise world-wide. You build your brand, expand your network and enable yourself to boost your professional career through the platform.

Similarly, on heimo you have your housing profile, your housing experience and your housing network — benefiting your “housing career” and enabling you to be more proactive and ready when future housing needs appear, anywhere in the world. Through your network on heimo, you find personally recommended people, real estate agents, hosts, landlords and other real estate companies through your network. And from your end, you provide your own recommendations of people and real estate companies through your profile, to help people in your network.

Whether you’re open to buy, sell, rent, rent out or switch homes — your profile on heimo will help you

It’s a vertical social network for everyone, anywhere, in a niched area of something we all need to sort out and have in place throughout our lives: housing. Whether you’re open to buy, sell, rent, rent out or switch homes — you can do it all through your profile on heimo.

And if you don’t have a housing need to solve for yourself right now, you instead help your network solve theirs. It’s a win-win for everyone involved and it’s the future of how we will all solve our housing needs.

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