Personal property listings abroad, without hefty service fees

Easily list your property or housing need abroad. For free. Always on your terms.

Easily list your property or housing need abroad.
For free. Always on your terms.

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Publish listings and find properties ­č笭čçŞ

Rent property abroad

Safely find your next property to rent abroad

Find and get matched with rentals and hosts through connections and the community
No recurring service fees or listing fees
Direct messaging for safe communication
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Rent out property abroad

Rent out your property abroad to reliable guests

Publish your property to rent out - without any listing, booking or rental service fees
Safely publish your listing to connections only, all community members, or to the public - you decide
Direct messaging on the platform for safe communication
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For all types of second-hand property rentals abroad

Holiday Rentals
Short-term Rentals
Mid-term Rentals
Long-term Rentals

How it works

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Create a free listing and show the local community, your personal connections only, or publicly that you're open to rent, rent out, buy or sell a property.

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Find relevant matches in the community, through your personal connections, or by getting our help to promote your listing - for free.

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Safely communicate with other members directly on the platform. Contact matches yourself, or wait for interested members to contact you.

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Sell property abroad

List your property abroad for sale

Publish your property abroad for sale without any listing fees
Find relevant buyers through your connections and the local community
Direct messaging with buyers and trusted professionals
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Buy property abroad

Show that you are open to buy a property abroad

Get matched with relevant people, professionals and properties
Find potential sellers and homes abroad through your connections and the community
Direct messaging with sellers and trusted professionals
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