For Real Estate Agents

Become the recommended real estate agent - for real
Your customers today demand more than anonymous recommendations and reviews. It's a good thing you as a real estate agent can get recommended on heimo instead.

Experience network-generated leads
Leads with a personal connection, where you see exactly what the clients seeks. Once you've experienced network-generated leads, you'll never settle for anything less again.

Your personal feed - with personal leads
Discover relevant leads through your network and your recommendations, directly in your feed. The rest are conveniently sent to your email. Smooth, as it should be.

Professionals & Company Profiles

For Real Estate Agencies

Let more customers come home - through your agency
A place where you showcase recommendations to more people, from more places. So that your future clients, wherever they come from, can come home through you.

Smoother collaboration between agents and offices
Network, leads and recommendations - all in one place. To find and refer new clients between agents and offices have never been this smooth.

A smarter approach to long-term relations
In times like these, it is more important than ever to focus on what your competitors can not buy nor copy. Personal relationships, your network, and your recommendations.

Professionals & Company Profiles

For Real Estate Students

A platform for you - the future of real estate
Finally a place where you as a real estate student can start building your network, gather recommendations and establish your personal brand - already during your studies.

Kickstart your career as a real estate agent
Cold calling. Handing out flyers. Buying expensive leads. After years of studying you are ready for more. On heimo, you can get a head start for your career - from day one.

Your agent profile - wherever you want to go next
The same city, place or area your entire career. If you want. But if you don't, you bring your profile on heimo wherever you want to go next - and keep your recommendations.

Professionals & Company Profiles

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